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Providing quality care to the hearing impaired in the Tri-City area for over 40 years!

Patient Experience


“I am completely satisfied with Erin’s service. With my new Starkey Ignite hearing aid, I hear so much better.”
- Don Anderson, Fremont, CA

"My Starkey 3 Series 30 hearing aid has more clarity than my old device. I hear more sounds, such as outside noise and my wife in the other room. I have been coming to Fremont Hearing Aid Center for 40 years and they have always been so good to me. They’ve solved my last-minute problems so fast."
-Fred Allen, Union City, CA

"I have been to three hearing aid centers before Fremont Hearing Aid Center and do you want to know my experience? They have been a Godsend. I can’t say enough about Erin. Her commitment to help, how she speaks, and how she runs her business is excellent. My hearing is so much better. I can hear if my car rattles or sputters before it needs to be fixed! Thanks to Erin, I am able to play music through my phone and hear it in my Oticon hearing aids, because I have a Bluetooth device paired to my aids. Erin also has a great support staff. It was so easy getting an appointment, thanks to Karen."
– Richard Gale

"The best part of wearing my new aids, (Oticon Acto Mini Receiver in the Canal), is that I forget I have them on! They’re so comfortable, and my hearing is so good. I don’t have to read lips anymore! I am in good hands with Erin."
- Albert Filippuzzi

"My hearing aids are the Agil Mini by Oticon. I love these aids because the sound is so natural! I’ve tried others and they sound more mechanical or 'tinny’, but these aids sound a lot more natural! I think Fremont Hearing Aid Center is wonderful. Their service is 5 Star, as far as I’m concerned!"
- Nels Nelson

“Erin is super, she’s the best.  She’s better than going to any other place for hearing aids.  Erin’s service is better and so are her prices.  She does it right.  The sales approach is better.  My hearing aids are Phonak Audeo Smart V receiver in the canal.  They’re helping with things like listening to the news with a lower TV volume and that’s better for my wife.   Secondly, restaurant conversation is helped, even at my favorite (crowded) Chinese restaurant.  The third improvement is that I can now use the speaker phone for telephone calls.”   
- Mr. Leslie Lee

"Erin Hegland’s service was exceptional. The hearing aid choices were very good and I was able to change my mind. Everything went so well!"
- Lucille Alvarez-Lebon

"I like my Phonak aids because right from the beginning the aids were very usable. The best part of wearing the hearing aids is playing my music. I like hearing each musical instrument fully. Also my wife appreciates the lower volume. I like that I don’t have to ask people to repeat themselves. I was surprised that no one even noticed the hearing aids."
- Jack Fawsept

"My Siemens Pure hearing aids are so small. They’re not bulky. They’re easy to put in, using my crippled hand. My aids are rechargeable, that’s the best part"
- Sue DeHoog