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Providing quality care to the hearing impaired in the Tri-City area for over 40 years!

Welcome to Fremont...

Hearing Aid Center in Fremont and Milpitas, CA

Working together to serve the Bay Area

Fremont Hearing Aid Center and Washington Hospital’s ENT Physicians have worked together for over 40 years to improve the hearing of the Bay Area. Fremont Hearing Aid Center provides a full range of quality services to our customers. We offer a hearing test to evaluate your hearing needs and can professionally offer suggestions for Digital Hearing Aids that will equip you better. We also perform a fitting appointment to fit you with your new device and teach you about using it and caring for it. We desire for you to maximize the benefits of your new hearing aids.

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What We Provide To You...

We are also here to continue full service of your hearing aids through the years
and want to work with you until you are completely satisfied.


  • In house and factory repairs
  • Adjust and program hearing devices
  • Service hearing aids
  • Cleaning hearing aids
  • Cerumen & ear wax evaluation
  • Custom earmold protection
  • Musical, swimming & noise reduction


  • Color Video Oto-Scope,
    to check for cerumen blockage
  • Verifit, for the perfect fit for your new
    hearing aids
  • Diagnostic Audiometer, for a complete
    hearing test
  • Latest software for digital hearing aids

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